Sunday, 5 December 2010


I went on a reconnaissance mission on Friday night to a local 'Ladies' Night'.  I wanted to see what other people do with their stalls and to get an idea of what other people are making and their prices.  I had asked for a stall at the event but the organiser told me they already had enough cards and jewellery.

Well.  Jewellery I will accept as there were three or four stalls there but there was only one card stall and it was a teenage girl selling very,  VERY basic cards at 5 for £1.  So I was a bit peeved about that.

I'm definitely going along the right lines with the thoughts I have floating around in my head though. It's certainly helped me focus on what areas I want to develop and now I can have a look around for other events coming up in the next few months.

I've also uploaded some of my basic jewellery items on the jewellery tab. I'm allowing myself to start using the pretty beads now I've worked out what to do with the basic kit.  Hopefully a lot more complicated and fancy items to follow!

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