Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Well then here we are.  It's snowing outside, I have a pile of ironing to do but instead I thought I'd have a go at setting up a blog.

To be honest, it's not something that has interested me much in the past but as so many of my crafting buddies seem to have one, I thought I would dip in my toe and see what it's like.

I have been making cards for years but have recently got into jewellery making and this has made me think about other crafts I would like to try.

I am also seriously contemplating launching myself onto the unsuspecting public at small fairs and fetes to try and tempt people with my wares.

Just thought you might like to come along for the ride...


  1. hi natalie, welcome to the world of blogging and a whole new addiction, now along with crafting of all sorts you will now be addicted to blogging about it too lol,
    ive added you to my blog list and become a follower xxx

  2. hi natalie
    your blogs looking great so far,so welcome to blogland !!!
    i will add you to my blog list too so i can see all your new fabby creatons .
    have fun hun,
    tracey x

  3. Welcome to bloggyland, Natalie! You've got the hang of it really quickly, your blog's looking really good.