School Uniform!

Hello there - I figured that the easiest way to keep the list of school uniform available would be to pop it on here.  That way, I only need to update this one central list if things get snapped up.

All this is uniform that we have either grown out of, is surplus to requirements or I'm passing on from others!  Please assume that it has all been used.  We have been lucky enough to have been given most of this so if I can donate it to others who need it, so much the better.

Please let me know if you would like any of the items - first come, first served!!

As at 4th September 2012

Boy's shirts
Marks and Spencer long sleeved - age 6 - 2 available
David Luke short sleeved - can't read label, looks about age 6-7
Adams long sleeved grey shirts - 6 years - still in packet - 2 available

Grey Shorts
Marks and Spencer - age 6 - 3 available
David Luke 25" waist - 3 available

Boy's Jumper

Tracksuit top
Age 5-6

Tracksuit bottoms
Age 7-8 (these are standard navy tracksuit trousers - not from Jilly Beans, repaired hole)
Age 3-4

White sports shorts
Marks and Spencer - no label, I think they're about 6-7
David Luke - 22" waist

White polo shirt
Marks and Spencer age 5
Next age 6

Boy's Socks
size 9-12 - new - 1 pair
Also have 6 pairs long and 3 pairs short - used - no idea what size.

Size 4 blazer = 26" chest - 2 available (one has one button missing)

Duffle Coat
Age 6 - this has two toggles missing but easily replaceable

Art Apron
Age 5-6

Elasticated Hollies tie

Girl's white shirt
Marks and Spencer, age 4 - 3 available

Girl's grey cardigan

Hollies Summer dresses
28" - 2 available

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