Friday, 22 July 2011

Irresistibly Sweet...


Elke has given me a blog award!  How very nice and kind and lovely.  I have met Elke the grand total of two times but "virtually" oh so many more on the Trimcraft Forum.  I actually think we have an awful lot in common...

In keeping with tradition, I am now to reveal 7 facts about myself....

1. I had an interview to be an Olympic Gamesmaker last Monday and will find out if I've been successful as a volunteer at the Games later in the year.
2. I do not like fish.  I don't mind eating fish, I don't like *live* fish which I discovered whilst scuba diving on my honeymoon
3. Watford born and bred.  YELLOW ARMY!
4. My three kids are currently ganging up against me and seem to have declared Summer Holiday War on me
5. I cut my fringe this morning and it's gone wrong
6. I have very large feet
7. It's the weekend which must mean it's WINE O'CLOCK!!

I am now to provide you links to other blogs I follow and appreciate, sorry this has taken a bit longer than expected but I had to check everyone out thoroughly

Christa a prolific crafter who helps keep me mad in an otherwise sane world
Moza always around with helpful tips and information and is pretty much talented to boot
Tracey who makes lovely cards and is getting very skinny
Sharon another great card maker who is also very smiley
Jacky one of my first virtual crafting buddies and a jolly good crafter with it
Messys Mini Missions a site I have recently discovered with challenges for kids which I think is a fab idea

Thank you all for your ongoing inspiration, chattiness and 'helpful' suggestions


  1. Aw, thank you!


    You're pretty good yourself!

    Mo x

  2. aww thank you so very much natalie....the skinny part made me smile
    thanks again
    nearly skinny tracey !!!!
    tracey x

  3. Thank you Natalie from Sharon who has a big grin on her face at the moment. Lol
    Have you found stitchy bear kids blog, that's another great one for kids.
    Sharon X