Saturday, 19 February 2011


That's me.  Except I'm not but I'm being far too quiet in this blogland.
Fortunately, all that is keeping me from my creative inspiration is nearly over and done with so I can launch myself into this headfirst and headlong.

I have two VERY important cards to make in the next few days.  My gorgeous youngest is 3 tomorrow and then my handsome boy is 6 on Tuesday.  I've been making birthday cakes today!  And then decided that while the oven was on I might as well make some cookies too.  This paints a very inaccurate picture of me as some sort of domestic goddess.  Rest assured I had a pint of Carling while waiting for it all to cook and that sort of levels it up again.  They didn't burn.  They look acceptable.

Off for a bit of bloghopping I think.

Be back with some new cards soon I hope.


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